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A selection of some nice mustangs
Some of them coming directly from the 70's gangaster movies

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This is the first post with which we start to talk about sail boat.Sailing is my former and first passion, before to join the motorbike world.
I don’t know why, but I am sure that sailing is a common passion among bikers.

Anyhow we will start to talk about sailing with the ultra famous, vintage & classic STAR boat.

The Star was designed in 1910 by Francis Sweisguth, with a very modern racing approach, like:
Reduced to a minimum the wet surfaces.
Enlarged to a maximum the air covered surface, with its 26 m2 of sail compared to the boat length
Enough light with approx 650 kg per 6,922 of LOA (length over all) and almost 10 m of mast.

With a crew composed by two person, the STAR become immediately World Class Olympic, and lasted for more than 20 years.

The sharp edges of the hull always impressed me, but I think it is necessary to give some more stability.

In spite the STAR Class is so “aged” the fleet can still count on more than 2.000 active boat in Europe and North America.

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Some old, some recent and maybe some future Bond Girl

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In 1955 Jaguar won the 24 hours of LE MANS with the innovative D Type

Following some picture of those glory years and some other more recent.

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