Saturday, November 6, 2010


Stavo riflettendo tra me e me riguardo alle contaminazioni e ai punti di contatto tra aeronautica e mondo motociclistico.
Il mio pensiero volava allegramente tra il marchio BMW (un’elica di motore) e i tubi aeronautici dell’impianto frenante di una bella moto. Pensavo a quanto un telaio di alluminio ultraleggero sarebbe utile per una moto veloce e lucente. Pensavo ai trascorsi aeronautici della Piaggio e al passato motociclistico dell'Aermacchi...
Ed ecco che mi si presente davanti agli occhi un esempio davvero ardito. Un motore stellare montato sull’ asse longitudinale di una custom; e quel che sembra strano ma vero, è che la moto cammina davvero, o forse vola ?

I was thinking by myself about the contamination and point of contact between the aeronatical and motorcycle world.
My thoughts flew merrily between the BMW logo (showing a propeller engine) and the aircraft pipes of a braking system of a nice bike. I thought about as a lightweight aluminium frame would fit for a fast and shiny motorbike. I thought about the aeronautical past of Piaggio and the motorcycle application of Aermacchi...
And suddenly it comes in front of my eyes an example really bold and unexpected. A radial engine mounted on the longitudinal axis of a custom bike, and it seems – strange but true – that this bike can really run, or maybe fly ?


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Who knows why male erotic imagery used so often and so easily sexy maid ?
For some reason difficult to explain, the maid must be be the typical "French Maid" to be really sexy, with white crest, back seamed stockings and the classic duster in her hands.
Obviously there is nothing more classic, more tied to a “cliché”, but the forbidden dream remains unchanged.
Starting from  the unattainable and timeless Bettie Page, through the austere and a bit unintelligible Claudia Schiffer up the incredible-but-true Barbie with French Maid outfit, with fishnet stockings.