Friday, December 10, 2010


A real superbike coming from the past, the Brough Superior was produced since 1922 up to 1940.
Probably it was the fastest, most luscious top class motorbike before the WWII.
All the motorbike were assembled twice, the first time to fit all the parts, the second time to make the fittings “just prefect”.

The engine at the beginning was a powerful V motor of approx 1.000 CC made from JAP (J.A. Prestwich) and later from Matchless.
Mainly produced in two models SS80 and SS100, both were tested on track and certified by the Producer to reach the declared maximum speed of respectively 80 and 100 mph (approx 160km/h).

Even if rarely expensive was appreciated worldwide by several clients, with approx 3 thousand model produced and many of them are still running. One the most famous testimonial was the Lt. Colonel T.E. Lawrence, also wellknown as Lawrence of Arabia.
Probably the dream bike of my great grandfather, for sure the “Rolls Royce” of the motorcycles.

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