Monday, January 24, 2011


This is one on the most elegant and fast monotype & monohull "derive" of the sailing histroy.
Designed at the beginning of fifties by Conrad Gulcher and Uus Van Essen immediatly became famous for its racing properties and 1960 was introduced as Olimpic Class.
Probably it is the boat with the major number of innovation through the moder era, like:

- first boat to use a trapeze gear
- first boat to introduce the genoa
- first to use the spinnaker pole launcher
- Self draining cockpit
And many others
The numbers are also impressive and easily express its racing attitude

Crew  2
LOA 6,06 m
Hull weight 145 kg
Mainsail 10,2 m2
Genoa 8,4 m2
Total 18,6 m2
Spinnaker 21 m2 

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