Thursday, February 24, 2011


OK, Christmas is passed away, but for the next year I need to show my personal Wish List
Santa Klaus is informed

My dream bike for a night show

Maybe bette in silver-black stripe

Why not a bike for a Cape Horn ride ?

Maybe better with vintage wheels

And something to play with ?

To play is also good this

But this is more funny

Nice !

Something for a tour with the family ?

Military green,the best color for RE

But a special on Guzzi base, is still a dream

Especially on Mans

But maybe one day I would like to make a ride on circuit

And this one ? Why not ?


  1. This images are excellent, It includes different kinds of motorcycles and their features which is very much interesting to look into this kind of post.

  2. Its really a good post to make a look into it.Its really very much impressive too.