Thursday, July 21, 2011



Maybe Futurism was a typical Italian trend, maybe not. Frankly I do not know.
I’ve never been interested in that before to ride a bike.

Afterward I realized what does it means.

You can imagine those men in the early century riding motorbikes at speed above 100 / 120 mph. Or even airplanes, made mostly of wood and paper.

That was the sensation of SPEED and Braveness.
I am talking about the COMMUNION between man and machine !

In the time we live now, this seem an ancient concept, but it is isn’t.

Just draw your mind about the current technology, biotech installation in human bodies, extraordinary computers leading and assisting men in their races, robot and machines doing things that was not possible to do years ago.

Where the men finish and where the machine (or the automation) start ?
Was Futurism a preliminary stage of Cyberpunk ?

Maybe …

There is no end in communion between mankind and machines in the future.
But do not forget the BRAVES who were riding and racing in the past.

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